Frequently Asked Questions

The Course

The course is meant for total beginners. However, if you already have a decent grasp of the Spanish language, you can also benefit from the course, since it focuses on improving the student’s conversational skills.

You can join the program and start having your lessons at any time.

The vocabulary, verbs and expressions covered in the course correspond to the Latin American Spanish.

Through our website. Here you will find the pre-recorded video lessons, online exercises, the print-ready workbook and the scheduling options. Only the live video call lessons are carried out through a third-party video chat software (Skype, Hangouts or Zoom).

The live video call lessons are delivered on a one on one form. Group lessons are not available in the platform.

About 6.5 hours.

Yes. We understand that there is no need to create two different account for people living in the same household. Multiple people in the same household can use all of the materials provided in the course, however, please do consider that the duration of the live video call lessons might not be enough when more than one person is taking the course.

We’re constantly working on providing more materials. In late 2020 we will include intermediate and advanced Spanish levels, along with audio lessons.


Yes, all of our tutors are native Latin American Spanish speakers.

No, as of now (February 2020), we have a limited tutoring staff. Your tutor will be assigned on our availability. However, we’re improving our service to give the student more options in the future.

Scheduling & Video Call Lessons

Students can schedule the lessons whenever it is more convenient for them.

Video call lessons are carried out through a third-party video platform. This can be Skype, Hangouts or Zoom. We’ll make sure to ask you which one you prefer.

Due to our location, lessons can only be scheduled from 10:00 to 20:00 North-American EST.

We understand this might not be compatible with many students around the world, this is why we’re working on growing our teaching staff overseas to offer more scheduling options for our students.

Yes, you can unschedule a video call lesson up to 12 hours before its start time. By doing this, you will receive your credit back and then use it again to reschedule the lesson at any other time.

If the lesson is unscheduled within the last 12 hours before its start time, students won’t get their credit back. This is because it is difficult to reorganize our teaching staff in such late notice. We appreciate your understanding.

Yes. You will have to unschedule that particular lesson and then reschedule with the correct information. Please note that this is only possible up to 12 hours before the lesson start time.

We highly encourage our students to create an account on any of these platforms to provide the best video call experience.


You can find that option on any language course dashboard. Then proceed with the instructions.

Subscribing to one of our courses gives you access to all the learning materials for that specific language.

Currently, the only language course that we’re offering is Spanish. This course includes:

  • 35 pre-recorded Spanish lessons.

  • Online exercises.

  • Print-ready PDF workbook

  • Subscriber’s exclusive 25% off on video call lessons.

Send us an email requesting you unsubscription to

Remember to mention your account email address as well as the date of your billing period.


There are two separated types of fees:

  1. Monthly subscription fee.
    Necessary to have access to the e-learning materials. The amount is shown during the subscription process and it is only valid for one specific language.

  2. Credits fee.
    Credits are used to book video lessons with our online tutors. They are only valid for the language they were bought for.

This is charged automatically month by month to the payment method that you indicate during the subscription process.

Credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Neither of the two fees, the monthly fee or the credits fee, is refundable once it has been processed. However, if you don’t want to be charged anymore on a monthly basis, you can unsubscribe from the course anytime.

Learn from
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You decide when to watch the video-lessons and when to meet your tutor! All you need is Internet access.