A Spanish video-course assisted by one of our native tutors on 1-to-1 online lessons.

The Language Academy combines the concept of e-learning video courses together with the direct assistance of a native tutor. This creates the most complete language program to help students learn grammar and practice conversation all along the course.

How it works

Each grammar topic is covered in 3 steps.

1 Watch

Watch 2 pre-recorded video lessons to learn grammar and to practice conversational expressions.

Man watching pre-recorded video lessons

2 Practice

Test your new grammar with our online exercises and complete writing exercises in our workbook.

Computer with exercises

3 Speak

Meet your tutor on Skype or Zoom at the time of your choosing to practice real conversation.

Woman conversating

What you’ll learn

Our Beginner-Elementary Conversational Spanish Course is meant for absolute beginners, but it can also be used if you have any other type of Spanish background since it focus deeply on conversational skills.

Go from zero to conversational confident!

  • Hold simple conversations using common Spanish phrases from daily life.
  • Introduce yourself and others and be able ask and answer a wide range of questions about personal details in Spanish.
  • Handle the basic structures of Spanish with ease and confidence.
  • Speak with confidence and good pronunciation due to multiple conversations with our native Spanish tutors.


No subscription plan

If you have a good grasp of the Spanish language and you’re only interested in having video call lessons, you can buy credits and schedule them whenever you want.

Subscription plan

If you are a beginner and besides the video call lessons you also want to follow our online course, we offer a subscription plan that includes:

  • Video lessons.
  • Online exercises.
  • Print-ready PDF workbook.
  • 25% off when buying video call credits.
  • Cancel anytime.

In order to schedule video call lessons, you need to have credits. You can buy credits as you need them.

Everything for a monthly subscription of:

Regular price$4.99 USD/mo.
Stay home promo$1.99 USD/mo.
+ First month free
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Learn from
and at your own pace!

You decide when to watch the video-lessons and when to meet your tutor! All you need is Internet access.

Hi, I am Daniel,
the creator of The Language Academy

Photo of Daniel

I will also be working as one of the tutors to help you master your pronunciation and conversational skills!

If you have any questions, please visit or FAQs section or feel free to send me an email to daniel@the-language-academy.com.

I live in a small town in Mexico near the Texas border, where I have taught Spanish online for the past 4 years.

I have also lived for a period of my life in Germany, experienced the real French customs during many holidays spent with friends in France, and even immersed myself in the Chinese language and culture during my summer stay in Beijing last year. Using the local language each time allowed me to truly enjoy every moment, be more present and to really connect with the people around me.

Languages have been an important part of my life for a long time, not only as a teacher, but also as a language learner myself.

Before traveling abroad, I would learn languages with apps, videos, books and every resource available, but it was not until I started talking to native speakers that I began to see real progress in my language skills!

This is why I created this website that fully integrates the option to have private video call lessons with native tutors along with a structured self-learning course in the form of videos, online exercises and a physical book.

I hope you will find it useful!

I look forward to seeing you in class!
   Daniel Luna